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Urgent Recruitment for Hardware Engineers-Contact : 89777 57888/ 97037 30939
We will provide best interpersonal and soft skills with the practical training for the student employment.
Welcome to Micro Computers
the world class training institution for
We will give 100% career assistance to their professional and personal empowerment.


Micro Computers providing the best quality of education & training in computer hardware learning.
This is the Institute having high standards, well experienced mentors with the well professional skill.
We offer 100% practical oriented learning process.

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One of the best Upcoming and future need is the computer network.The micro computers have excellent knowledge and great work environment.At our institution you can get more and more about the network.

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Micro Computers are expert not just in train the students, we have well professional knowledge. computers offers B2B, B2C computer servicing services. Best quality and affordable prices.

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Micro Computer aims at making an individual expert on Electronics, Computers Hardware and Operating Systems along with Networking. Cover CompTIA IT, A+ (plus) certification and CISCO Certified Network Administrators.


Who trained at Micro Computers successfully


What are the qualities Micro Computers have

Micro Computers is the only institution that can train the students at practical environment for Hardware and Networking Training.
We have 1:1 training method for every individual student.

Micro computers offers a full practical and professional knowledge about hardware and networking.
We includes al the content and professional skills to present and future IT needs.
According to that we design our training program to the students in hardware and networking

Micro Computers plays a key role to the career assistance of our students. We can provide a 100% careers assistance to every individual student.
We make our students career growth as a front level hardware / Network executive to IT/operational Manager to a company.

You can directly visit our campus at Vijayawada or else you can contact through phone 89777 57888.

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